Using Magical Intention

What is Magical Intention? It is recognizing the desire to manifest change, calling on your guides for assistance, and being steadfast in doing the work that’s needed.

Magical intention is hard work, but it’s also rewarding and often surprising. Below are the initial steps to set your magical intention that will be expanded upon in future articles.

Intention is setting a goal or outcome without being attached to how it happens or the form it comes in. Intention differs from wanting something; wanting is passive while setting your intention requires a steadfast commitment to take action. Ceremony, ritual or sacred action calls the magic into being.

Be very careful of how you construct your intention. Understand that your intention cannot be to impose your will on another, and that your intention will have consequences.

Ritual provides a way for you to make a stronger connection to sprit and opens the door to clearer communication. Call in your guides to work with you to make your intention a reality. Clearly state your intention and ask that the guides help you achieve it in your highest good. Know that you must be open to guidance that can take you to unexpected actions or places.

Be willing to listen and trust your guides.  Call on your guides to protect you in the process of claiming your intention. Commit to being steadfast in working towards your goal.

Stay tuned for more details in future newsletters about creating magical intention.

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